Release 2.2


Release 2.2 is an important maintenance release of LiveChess 2 fixing a number of bugs and adding a a few new features. Upgrade to LiveChess 2.2 is highly recommended for all users of LiveChess 2.1.


Version 2.2 can be installed on systems where a previous installation is present. All tournament data remains available.

New Features

  • The game overview is now resizable.
  • History and move panes in the game overview are now synchronized.
  • Moves in the game window are using larger figurines.
  • Minor updates and bugfixes are now automatically installed.
  • During startup the splash screen gives information about ongoing activity.
  • In case of errors during startup a popup message will be shown.
  • When selecting an e-board the position is shown in the sidebar rather than in a popup window.
  • The installer for MS-Windows now provides better feedback to the end user.

Bug Fixes

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • Check and checkmate detection did not occur when the king was on the h-file.
  • Games shown in the HTML Live Viewer would only be visible when receiving clock or game updates.
  • Under some conditions the games being recorded, or that were finished, could not be edited.
  • Move corrections and end of game indications were sometimes not saved.
  • A clock to board cable defect could result in negative clock times being recorded.
  • Some reconstruction activity may cause LiveChess to hang when trying to edit the game.
  • On some MS-Windows platforms installation failed due to missing msvcr100.dll library.
  • The 32 bit installer for Linux was broken.